Friday, January 30, 2015

Princess at Midnight page 157 (The End)


Princess at Midnight was a story I began in an anthology sometime back in 2005. That makes it the longest I've ever worked on a book. Thank you to my good friend ILYA for inviting me to contribute and begin this long journey. It started in print in black and white before moving to Saturday Morning Webcomics and being completed in colour. Thank you to Jay and Jack for inviting me to join in the fun. Jay is also someone I've known a long time through comics, so PaM began and ends amongst friends. I'm hoping to find a publisher for the book as it'd be wonderful to be able to read the entire thing in print. I'll update here on any developments. In the mean time I have a new book out February 24th called Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula. It's available to pre-order online here & here

Thanks to everyone who read the story over the years.